Meet “Puddin”

Paws ‘n’ licks…..Puddin’

Please meet our sponsored Chocolate Labrador puppy, named Puddin’. – born on 3rd March 2009.  Puddin’ will continue her puppy raising stage for 14 months in Perth before returning to Assistance Dogs Australia’s National Training Centre for further intensive training.  Vet-N-Pet Direct supports all Puddin’s food, heartworm/flea preventative treatment, vet care, etc.

We also sell some Assistance Dogs Australia merchandise on our website in the charities section.

What does Assistance Dogs Australia do?  They help giving Freedom and Independence to People with Physical Disabilities Australia Wide.    Assistance Dogs Australia trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with physical disabilities to achieve a greater level of independence.  These dogs undertake everyday tasks such as opening doors, pressing the button to cross the road, picking up dropped items but most of all they offer a form of confidence and independence to someone in the community.  Also this increase in independence allows them to get on with their lives, often attending college, getting employment or just mixing more.  And an Assistance Dog can save the community significant monies by reducing the attendant care needs of their disabled recipients.

Assistance Dogs Australia has an ambitious training program ahead and has to rely on corporate, community and individual funding to achieve its goals.  The charity requires significant funding to achieve its goal of placing at least 30 dogs per year with recipients and needs your help.

The whole idea of Assistance Dogs and the remarkable work they do every day to assist people with disabilities and special needs is such an inspiring story!

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2 Replies to “Meet “Puddin”

  1. I love Puddin’, he is absolutely gorgeous, something very special about a chocolate labrador.

    I would love to give him lots of cuddles and a big smoooooch….

  2. Good on you VetNPet for sponsoring Puddin’. Your generous gesture will greatly improve the quality of life for the person who wil have Puddin’ as their helper in the future.

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