Fun 5 minute Games to Play with Your Dog

Working from home? Or take your dog to the office? Want to improve your dog’s focus, engagement and connection? Here are some quick fun games […] Read More

Anne from Pawsitive Connection

About Anne Hardacre

Anne is a guest contributor to vet-n-pet DIRECT. She is a Director of Pawsitive Connection, a Brisbane based animal training, health and wellness company. Anne has over 14 years of experience in canine behaviour and dog sports and specialises in canine nutrition and wellbeing. Her unique holistic approach ensures lifelong physical, mental and emotional wellness for her client's pets. Qualifications and Memberships: Assoc. Dip Applied Science (Animal Science) CPDT-KA (CCPDT) Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition (NCTM) Fear Free Certified Professional Pet Professional Guild Australia - Dog Training Professional Member IAABC Supporting Member