I saw a snake the other day near our garage. After the initial jumping, squealing and running away, I calmed down enough to realise it was only a green tree snake and I just left it alone and it went on its merry way.

Living on acreage in South East Queensland means we do occasionally see snakes, so it wasn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time that I will have a snake encounter. But it got me to thinking about first aid for snake bites and what I would do if someone or one of the animals were bitten.

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Saint_Pattys_Day_4blogOn March 17th many people around the world will be wearing green and
cheerfully celebrating St Patricks Day.  When most people think of St Patricks Day they think of Ireland, green, leprechauns, shamrocks and of course Guinness and alcohol.  But what about the snakes?

Thats right, one of the legends of St Patrick revolves around banishing snakes from Ireland.  The legend says that St Patrick chased all the snakes from Ireland using a wooden stick or club.  The snakes were banished into the icy cold seas and never returned to Ireland.  Yes it is true that Ireland has no snakes, whether this is because it is infact an island surrounded by icy cold water and the snakes couldn’t make it there from the mainland, or the legend is true, you can decide.

If you are looking for a few ideas to help keep snakes away from your house and yard I suggest trying these, rather than chasing them with a big stick like St Patrick did.

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