Some of the vet-n-pet DIRECT canine team members!

Each year on the first Friday after June 19th, it is Take Your Dog To Work Day. Take Your Dog To Work Day is a day in which businesses are encouraged to allow staff members to bring their canine friends to the workplace. But let’s not forget our furry feline friends as they can be great workplace companions as well. The initiative aims to show people the benefits of companion animals and to encourage people to adopt a pet.

Many studies have shown the benefits of pet ownership on health and reducing stress levels in people, but did you know that there are many positive benefits to having pets in the workplace? Benefits of pets in the workplace include;
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LisaWith Christmas just around the corner you might be thinking of going on a holiday, but what will you do with your pets?

There are a few options for how and where your pets can spend their time while you are away.  Here are some pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision for your pet.

Staying at Home Alone
This, in general, is not a good idea and I would not recommend it.  Perhaps for one night they might be ok, more so cats than dogs, but I would not leave them for more than 24 hours without someone checking in on them.  If you do have to leave them alone overnight make sure that they have access to a number of different water bowls, in shady cool locations.  If they are staying in the house, make sure that all poisonous, dangerous and breakable objects are well locked up and secure.  Preferably, even if it is only for one night, let your neighbours know that you will be away and have them check in on your pets for you.

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Here’s some tips to help you get great pics of your pets.

Capture your pet’s personality:
When taking pictures of your pet, stay true to their character—just like you would for a portrait of a person.  Before you start snapping, consider what makes your pet unique and how you can best portray those qualities.  You’ll be more likely to capture your pet’s true personality if you take photos of them in a favorite spot or while engaging in a favorite pastime, like playing fetch or taking a nap in a sunny spot.

Try something new. For example, consider photographing your pet upside down! This yields a particularly amusing photo when the animal has droopy jowls, like bulldogs and boxers. Just roll him or her over, give their belly a rub, and take your shot!

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Everyone loves the warm, lazy days of summer, especially our pets. After the long, cold winter, they finally get to go outside and romp around in the sunshine. However, there are some important things to think about during the warmer months in order to keep our precious pets safe and comfortable. So, we’ve compiled the top nine summertime safety tips to help you keep your pet happy and healthy.

1. Keep Pets Hydrated

The most important thing to remember in the warmer months is to provide clean, fresh water for your pet. It’s also good to clean the water bowl daily. Your pet won’t want to drink water with a foul taste, due to bacterial growth, which can also make your pet sick. 

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Mountain biking has become a very popular sport and is a fun and healthy activity to share with your dog. However, before you start, check with your pet health professional to make sure your dog is healthy enough to participate in such a physically demanding activity.

Once your dog is at least six months old, you can begin to train it to run alongside you. Take plenty of time to train your dog properly and don’t rush the process. To prevent serious injuries to your dog, have the necessary equipment on hand before you leave for your biking trip. Train your dog by starting with a very short ride, increasing it as the dog becomes more accustomed to running with a bike. Short loops around the park or an oval-shaped trail or roadway is a great way to begin.

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