About Bec

From a very young age Bec has always had a great love and appreciation for all animals. She has a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing and a Degree in Applied Science Animal Studies, which have been put to good use over the years working in various animal industries. Bec lives on a horse stud and has cared for an endless number of horses throughout all stages of their lives including breeding, foaling, spelling, racing and retirement. Bec is the proud mum of two gorgeous little girls, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel, two chickens and many horses including two Clydesdales, lots of Thoroughbreds and a cheeky little pony.

Lilly ArthritisMy dear Lilly has been suffering from arthritis since she was only three years old.  I first took her to see her Veterinarian thinking she had hurt her shoulder.  After an examination and x-rays it was determined that she was in fact suffering from Arthritis in multiple joints.  Then I realised that she had been suffering from a number of arthritic symptoms such as reduced activity, stiffness especially when getting up, finding it hard to sit or lie down, increase in weight, limping / lame and irritability.

Arthritis or degenerative joint disease (DJD) doesn’t only affect humans, it is in fact one of the most common ailments suffered by our canine friends.  Arthritis is when the cartilage between the bones wears away and becomes rough.  Sometimes the cartilage deteriorates so badly that the bones will rub together.  The other part of DJD is when the synovial fluid in the joints becomes watery and thin, meaning there is less shock absorption inside the joint.  This painful degenerative disease does not discriminate and can affect dogs of any breed or age.

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